Saturday Centus – Wk#156 – Prompt: “Dear John,” – 102 words – “Lost At Sea”

27 Apr

Dear John,

Two words she’d so often written since he’d set to sea because of this accursed war. The task was to escort a convoy… a milk run he had claimed… no real danger.

Her letters, written daily, in the hope they’d find him and in return she would receive those she knew he would write… but it wasn’t to be. Her first letter wasn’t from him but from the navy.

Five words tore into her heart, “all hands lost at sea.”

A letter tossed into the sea in a bottle…

“Dear John, my love, why did you leave me?” it began.


Lost at Sea

Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.


Posted by on April 27, 2013 in 2. Saturday Centus


2 responses to “Saturday Centus – Wk#156 – Prompt: “Dear John,” – 102 words – “Lost At Sea”

  1. Jenny Matlock

    May 4, 2013 at 02:57

    Nicholas Sparks has nothing on you.

    What a poignant use of the prompt!

    Hope you are well!

    • Ross Mannell

      May 17, 2013 at 09:19

      Thanks for the comment.

      The prompt gave me thoughts of hearing about the loss of merchant sailors during the war and of those left behind. I didn’t want to follow the “Dear John” line of a breakup.


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