#100WCGU – Wk100 – Prompt: 1st letter of each line to be “C” – 100 words – “Colin” including 100 “C”s

05 Aug

Colin Calvin Cucclecorn couldn’t count. Colin’s cousin, Cheryl Carla Cucclecorn, could.

Clare and Chad Cucclecorn, caring custodians, concerned for their countless child, “Can’t Colin comprehend counting’s a common cleverness?”

Cheryl cared for Colin and considered careful concepts, “Can Colin comprehend and count in contrasting communications?”

Cheryl called Colin, “Colin Cucclecorn, come play computer.”

Colin couldn’t believe as Carla compressed the keys. In clear, concise cacophony the channel conversed in Calabrian.

Colin copied, “Uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque.”

Colin Calvin Cucclecorn could count in Calabrian, a confusion for Clare and Chad Cucclecorn.

Colin can count!” they called.

Colin Cucclecorn confirmed, “Sì.”



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