Saturday Centus – Wk#145 – Photo:Punxsutawney Phil retires? – 100 words – “Old Phil”

05 Feb

Punxsutawney Phil emerged and, seeing his shadow, returned to his hole.

“Six more weeks of winter,” the humans said.

Back in the comfort of his hole, he sat as his computer, “Life’s so much easier now I can get long range weather forecasts online.”

Phil’s son looked on, “What now you’re retired, dad?”

“It’s your turn. Your mom and I have been given a quiet retirement hole. You’re Phil now.”

Old Phil and Phyllis settled into their retirement hole assured New Phil would carry on the tradition.

Old Santa, their neighbour, was reassuring, “Even the President can’t hold office forever.”


PUNXATAWNIE+PHILThis picture is from the Saturday Centus blog.

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