#100WCGU – Wk71 – Prompt: As midnight struck – 103 words – “Hope’s Moment”

01 Jan

As midnight struck, my world is frozen in a moment of time. No New Year fireworks, no cheering nor the cacophony of parties cuts the air.

I wander the darker sides of life. I mourn those lost to evil ways.

I see the empathic, the loving, the caring, and the possibilities in humanity.

The balance is done. Good outweighs evil but, in places, the balance is awry.

The world moves on, greeting another year. It can do better.

Conscience? Guiding angel? Mystical being? Call me what you will. I’ll be whispering in the hope some may listen, in the hope all will care.


Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.


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