Poetry Involving Size Words

01 Oct

The Stupendous Dragon

Ample, grand, broad, bulky, vast,
The gigantic dragon moved enormous feet.
He thought his thoughts of his tiny past,
“I blot out the sun for those I greet.”

The Minute Fairy

“I flit, I fly around the skies.”
Mini, teeny, trifling, tiny,
“I’m barely seen before your eyes.”
The wee, little fairy with wings so shiny.


Dragon vs Fairy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if
A dragon and fairy got into a tiff?
“I’m immense, I’m mammoth, I’m huge, I’m big,”
The dragon warned as he raised his rig.

The fairy smiled her little smile,
She dealt with dragons for long awhile.
“I may be tiny, petite, quite small
But my magic will make your massive head fall.

He roared his roar, he flashed his flame.
She smiled at him, ignored his game.
Enormous, gigantic, voluminous heat,
The mini, wee fairy he thought was beat.

A tiny wand, a wave, a flash,
The dragon fell with a humungous crash.
The fairy smiled her miniscule smile,
The dragon would lie there for quite a while.

“Never judge a fairy by her size,
She may be tiny but to a challenge she’ll rise.”


Posted by on October 1, 2011 in 5. General posts for classes


2 responses to “Poetry Involving Size Words

  1. The Cello Strings

    October 4, 2011 at 03:14

    impressed, you have superb talent …

  2. The Gooseberry Garden

    October 4, 2011 at 03:15

    invite you to share your poetry with our poetry picnic today.

    first time poets can share random poems, 1 to 3, or link in a theme fitting one,

    week 7 theme: love and loss.

    hope to see you in.

    keep it up!


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